Wie luftdicht ist mein Gebäude?

Luftdichtheit gehört zu den Grundprinzipien des Passivhaus-Standards. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Planung und anschließende Luftdichtheitsmessung, vor allem bei großen Gebäuden!

Air­tight­ness (auf Eng­lisch)

Frei­tag, 3. Mai 2019, 16:40 Uhr, Kam­mer­mu­sik­saal (1. OG)


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4:40 pm

Air­tight­ness in Cent­ral Eu­ro­pe - Plan­ning Prin­cip­les for Air­tight­ness

Wolf­gang Has­per
  Pass­ive Hou­ses gain much of their pro­ven com­fort and he­alth as­pects as well as lon­gev­ity from grea­tly re­du­ced in­filt­ra­ti­on. Pass­ive Hou­ses reg­u­lar­ly achie­ve ve­ry high le­vels of air­tight­ness with the ma­jor­ity of ca­ses out­per­form­ing the 0.6 ACH re­qui­re­ment. As soon as the air­tight­ness of the build­ing fab­ric be­co­mes an ac­cep­ted de­sign ob­ject­ive it is mo­reo­ver a par­tic­u­lar­ly cost-ef­fect­ive means to boost the en­er­gy per­form­an­ce of build­ings. With in­cre­a­sed de­mand, the avail­ab­il­ity of spe­ci­al­ised pro­ducts has im­pro­ved and is cur­rent­ly evol­ving in­to com­pre­hens­ive air­tight­ness sys­tems that pro­vi­de rea­dy-ma­de so­lu­ti­ons for all stand­ard de­tail­ing found around any build­ing en­vel­ope.  
5:05 pm

Air­tight­ness in the Hei­del­berg Bahn­stadt

Tho­mas Kirt­schig, Mat­thi­as Lai­dig
  Us­ing va­ri­ous ex­amp­les from the Bahn­stadt Hei­del­berg, we show how we pro­ceed with air­tight­ness meas­ure­ments in lar­ger build­ings, in which dif­fi­cult meas­ur­ing con­di­ti­ons so­me­ti­mes oc­cur, as well as how we de­al with them and why air­tight­ness meas­ure­ments in Pass­ive Hou­ses in­cur lower costs than in oth­er build­ings. Over the past 25 years, we ha­ve seen sig­ni­fic­ant de­vel­op­ments in the air se­al­ing of build­ings. Va­ri­ous meas­ure­ment meth­ods are shown which pro­vi­de an ad­equa­te check of the re­al­ized build­ing air­tight­ness.  
5:30 pm

Meas­ur­ing air­tight­ness in hi­ghri­se build­ings

Jür­gen Schnie­ders

The stand­ard ISO 9972 is not al­ways help­ful when meas­ur­ing the air­tight­ness of high-ri­se build­ings. The­re are ma­ny points to con­si­der, es­pe­ci­al­ly due to the stack ef­fect. The­se points are ex­ami­ned, and the Pass­ive Hou­se In­sti­tu­te pres­ents a gui­de for the air­tight­ness meas­ure­ment of sky­scra­pers.

5:55 pm Les­sons from de­liv­er­ing air­tight­ness from 10 years of UK PH test­ing Paul Jen­nings